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....................................Frequently Asked Questions
· Are we open to the public?

We suggest arranging the showroom visit through an authorized stocking dealer or a designer.

· What is the largest carpet size we make?
14'x20', hand-made carpet.

· What are the price ranges?

Prices vary with the sizes and qualities of carpets, and with the kind of business you have or plan to have with us. Please call us to find out the exact price of the carpet you need.

· What is 'Stocking Dealer Price?

This price is for a Stocking Dealer-one who makes a minimum purchase of $25,000 worth of merchandise in the first order. Besides a better price, a Stocking Dealer can also enjoy some exclusive privileges such as: Asia Minor will assure that only one well-performing Stocking Dealer is present within a specific geographical limit. A Stocking Dealer can exchange its merchandize with whatever is available with Asia Minor within one year. A Stocking Dealer can avail of free Asia Minor promotional materials-postcards and transparencies of carpets, etc...

· What is 'Non-Stocking Dealer Price?

This price is for a Non-Stocking Dealer-one who can not fulfill the minimum purchase requirement to become a Stocking Dealer. They can, however, get immediate information on our stock status and receive merchandize 'on approval' (explained later).

· What forms of payments do we accept?
Checks, major credit cards, and CODs.

· How long does it take to deliver a carpet?
3 to 4 days by UPS (Ground) within US, if we have the item available in stock. Custom Orders take 4 to 6 months.

· Where do we ship out of?

Manchester Center, VT ~~ High Point, NC ~~ Istanbul, Turkey.
· Where is the nearest dealer?

Please call us to find out.

· Can one return or exchange a carpet?

Possibly, but depends on the terms on which the carpet was sold.

· How can one open an account Asia Minor?

Request a Credit Application. Please complete the Credit Application Form and mail or fax it to us.

· What does 'On Approval' mean?

If you need from us a carpet that you want to show to a customer, we can send it to you 'on approval'. If you have an active account with us, you will have 10 days to return it to us without being charged. Shipping and handling will, however, be charged to you.

· What is a 'Back Order?
If we don't have the item you are ordering in stock, we call it a 'Back Order'. Whenever we have the item available, we will immediately inform you. It may not take long because we receive shipments from Turkey at least once every month.

· What is a 'Promotional Sale?

If you are a stocking dealer with a plan to have an exclusive sale event for Asia Minor carpets, we call it a 'Promotional Sale'. We will support with advertising materials, and can provide with additional merchandize which you may keep for a maximum period of 2 months.

· What is a 'Custom Order?

If you would like to have a carpet of a size, coloration or design that we usually don't make (for example, a carpet size of 5'x13' or 14'x20'), it becomes a 'custom order'. The price on such a carpet will be 15 % more than the one calculated based on its square-foot rate. The delivery period for such an order is 4-6 months.

· What other services and support do we provide?
Free rug-care consultation.

Free e-mail images of carpets.

Free showroom display ideas.

Free sales training and education.

Professional rug repair and cleaning.