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Kilim Pillows

Bessarabian Kilim Pillow
Cicim Kilim Pillow
Novi Kilim Pillow

Adana Kilim Pillow
Denizli Kilim Pillow
Savan Kilim Pillow

Stripes Kilim Pillow
Rug Pillows

Oushak Pillows
Over-dyed Oushak Pillows
Vintage Sivas Pillows

Derbent Vintage Pillows




They are more than just an accessory, they are part of your home collection. Fragments from semiantique to antique kilims, Sivas, Derbents and yes, even Asia Minor Rugs. Our Pillows come with velvet backing and button closures along with chenielle fringe or cotton conding. We offer to you 11 X 21, 18 X 18, 20 X 20 and 24 X 24 inch squares.



Visit us at High Point Furniture Market each April and October where you will be able to frolic among hundreds of pillows and select the unique compliment for your project.













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